Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"New" Lamps?!

Do you have boring lamps in your office or bedroom? We use to...but NOT anymoer! A while ago I bought a set of 4 lamps at Target, simple black lamps with plain cream shades. I kept looking at them not knowing what to do...until the wonderful world of BLOGGING!
For the first one, I decided to buy some scrapbooking paper that matched our bedroom, I then modgepodged the paper onto the lamp shade, spray painted the lamps base and viola! a "new" lamp.

For the second lamp on our desk in the loft, I decided to use coffe filters, so popular in blogland right now. It was super easy but time consuming! Another "new" lamp!


  1. I'm super impressed when Ry and I finally get our first house I'm stealing all of these!!!

  2. You POMPED a lamp!?! :) Very cute. I want to come see them in person! I think I could do something like that!

  3. Thanks gals!! Lauren, come on over! They both were super easy to makeover from boring lamps and I would love to share. =)