Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's grilling season...

How excited was I that the weather was beautiful and my husband was going to fire up our grill for the first time since last year.(when he used it 2 times) In my excitement I went to the store to buy meat, hot sausages for him, yucky, and turkey burgers for me, Yum. Once I got home we decided to grill the asparagus and corn on the cob we bought over the weekend at city market. After a long hour sheldon is finally ready to grill. After a short 15 minutes the coals die. Do they make grilling for dummies? Not calling my husband a dummy by any means. ;) After getting new coals hot Sheldon finishes grilling. at least that's what we thought. As I was putting away the food this evening I noticed some turkey burgers were missing so I asked him where they were. He looks at me shockingly...they were still on the grill. WOW

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