Sunday, May 8, 2011

*Date Night*

Don't you just love a date night?! Hubs and I decided to go downtown, to grab some drinks, a bite to eat and ENJOY the beautiful weather! We decided on Blanc -Burgers and Bottles-

I ordered a vodka water with lime! Yummo, only downside is you cannot taste the vodka.

Hubs got a pear beer which he said was good as well. They have a TON of beers to choose from but unfortunately thanks to stupid low carb stuff, I did not partake in the tastings. =)

Now onto dinner, so silly but it looked so good I had to snap a quick pic. All I ordered was a turkey burger and a side salad but HOW PRETTY and it was so yummy too. Sheldon ordered wings and sliders, they were not as pretty so his dish didn't get a pic.

The only regret for the night...I was so busy snapping pics of the delish food and drinks we didn't get a picture together! Next time we will.

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