Sunday, May 15, 2011

First timer @ GoodWill=CUTE Chalkboard Message Center

While out running errands one Saturday afternoon, my hubs and I drove by a GoodWill store, I asked him if we could plese go in! After a little bribe of carrot cake cupcakes (made my me) he agreed. (He's not quite into this decor, blog thing I've got goin on at the moment.) While browsing the idles we came across this mirror. "Perfect" for my chalkboard idea that is so popular right now.
I decided to take out the mirror, save it for another project (maybe) and paint the backing with chalkboard spray paint.

After I got the back painted I picked a deep red to match our wine themed kitchen for the trim. After a couple quick coats, I waited for it to dry and...

To make this project even better, I hung it up while Sheldon was at the store, by the time he came home I had forgotten all about it. He comes upstairs and says that chalkboard looks really good babe, I'm proud of you.
SCORE!!! So happy with how it turned out and for making the hubby come a little bit closer to accepting my "junk". =)

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