Monday, April 18, 2011

Wife gone mad aka Spring Cleaning

I'm going mad! As I look around our house I suddenly realize, we need to DEEP CLEAN! It could be because of the simple fact Sheldon and I have both been super sick and I want our home back in order and germ free, or it could be my anal self just wanting order. Anyways by Sunday we will ahve done the follwing, and now that it's in writing we have to do it right?!

*Clean out the coat closet---get rid of all the junk on the floor
*Clean our bathroom sink and cabinet area-- throw away everything I don’t use or that is almost empty
*Clean our closet---put clothes away and switch winter wear for spring wear
*Clean out the guest bedroom closet--it is filled with everything from our wedding in June, sad this I know.
*Clean media room's entertainment system---this is the worst, go through all bills and organize and store or shred, buy a desk so the entertainment ssystem can only hold the essentials i.e. tv, dvd, cable box, xbox

*****Pictures of the before and after to come*****

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