Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It (I) just couldn't wait...

So the minute Sheldon came in the door tonight, I started rambling. I told him about all of the rooms that needed cleaning organizing...as he stood there looking very overwhelmed, (the man just got home from work for goodness sakes, is what I am telling myself yet still rambling) I realized I loved him at that very moment more than I did when he kissed me goodbye this morning. After my realization I apologized and calmly explained my Spring Cleaning plan. He changed his clothes and off we went to buy some organizational items for the house.
First stop Dollar Tree, don't you love that place?! I knew we needed some plastic storage bins for under the cabinets so I thought why spend a lot of moola on these? So we settled on the cheapies
Next stop Target. After being talked out of some items (my hubs is a bit frugal) we settled on some items for our closet, a under the bed shoe organizer (we may go back to get another, I have too many pairs of shoes) and some more fabric baskets for our organization unit we got as a wedding.

phew, what a long MONDAY night, but a GREAT way to jump right into Springy Cleaning.
Until next time...

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