Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pretty Lil Name Plaques

Thursday we will be celebrating Administrative Assistant Day at school(secretaries day). Being a teacher, I know I need to keep the secretaries, principal and janitors happy, they are LIFE SAVERS at school! So to honor these special ladies, I decided to create a couple of name plaques for them. I started with a pack of 2 wood plaques similar to the ones below.
I then measured a piece of scrapbooking paper to cover the plaque. I would also like to add that the paper was $.16 a piece. After the paper was measured I applied ModgePodge on the wood and gently placed the paper onto the area. I repeated this process with all of the paper on both plaques.
This is the almost end result...
PS-I got the stands at Hobby Lobby for $.50! They were plain plastic, but I spray painted them white.
Finished plates will be posted tomorrow, after I ModgePodge their names on top of the pretty plaques.
Stay Tuned!

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